Tigre Delta Excursions

Sail across the Delta of Parana river (Parana Delta) on board of the boat Julia Maria, we will take it to cross the best landscapes of the Argentine Delta. We made tours and excursions to its measurerement, events, strolls, transfers, birthday on board, entertainments, strolls for contingents, organizations, school and romantics travel, alternative tourism, safaris, trekking by footpaths, we made lunches on first levels restaurants and tipical "picadas" (like cheese boards)in our boat.

The trips and excursions are private and they do not share with other groups, we arrange additionally to its requirement of bilingual guides.

If you want to stop anywhere to take fotographs, to be pleasant to have your own captain like guide of the tour, to share with your family and friends, to enjoy the tranquillity of streams, Delta rivers and Delta islands, you have the oportunity contracting Julia Maria Boat services.

Sail the turist circuits of Delta of Parana river (Parana Delta), sailing by Lujan River, Carapachay river, Parana river, Captain River, Caraguata River and Golden river.
Tell us the kind of trip or excursion you want to do, the time you wish to dedicate and quantity of passengers to make a package that adapt your interest
Recomendations: comfortable footwear, protective lot, shelter in winter and suit of bath in summer.