The Boat

The boat Julia Maria has a length of 9.57 meters meters; a sleeve of 2.00 meters and a prop of 0.84 meters. It is an tipical island boat to sail by theDeltas rivers, constructed of wood cedar, lapacho and viraro. The boat has registers number 0294M, equipped with a Mercedes Benz motor of 110 HP and capacity for 22 passengers.

The boat is equipped with good comforts, bath on board, equipped with them medicine kit, emergency equipment of first aid, life-guard of adults, circular life-guard, radio with marine band with distinguishing signal, cellular phone, life-guard of children, life-guard, flare for aid signals and gps, fulfilling the guidelines of navigation and security that the Naval Prefecture Argentina demands sending the National Certificate of Security of Navigation. The boat Julia Maria was constructed and hurled in 1922 used for island transport and tow of canoes of fruits; manned by Carlos Cortenova, until the year 1968 in which is trafered to his son Nelson Cortenova, who continuous with the transport of passengers, runners of companies by the argentine Delta.

As of the year 2004 continuous Carlos Cortenova making tours, strolls, transfers of students, transfer of industralists, shootings, etc. The Captain Carlos Cortenova have made courses of radio operator, fights against fire, first aid, personal security, social, survival and multitud control