The Delta

The Delta of the Parana (Parana Delta) is located at 29 kilometres of the Buenos aires City, being able to access by automobile by the Freeway, taking the spur track to Tigre. Also can accees by railroad departing from Retiro station taking the railroad from TBA company arriving at Tigre Station or making trasborod in Maipu station and taking the tourist train "Tren de la Costa".By bus take the line number 60 branch tigre.

Sail The Delta of Parana (Parana Delta) across the 350 rivers and streams with abundant vegetation and native animals.
The Delta sightseeing surprise you in each station of the years, the vegetation is abundantand holds to a subtropical microclimate, covering the riverside. In winter you can smile the firewood and in spring the madreselvas are in flower.

The fauna that lives in the Delta attracts argentine and foreign visitors.
At the riverside we can find facilities for the tourist visitors as bath, cabins, weekend houses, restaurants, camping, islands, etc.
At Delta rivers its possible to be practice windsurf, water ski, and fishing one of the activities that attracts the visitors